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Europan 15: Productive Cities 2


City: Guovdageaidnu
Title: My Home is in my heart

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”It is hard to say if we have a centre in our village. And what exactly is a centre? Who defines what a centre is? Is it where the municipal offices are, or is it where the shops are? Or perhaps where most of the traffic stops – at our petrol stations? Or is it the Diehtosiida, or perhaps near an industrial zone, of which there are several in the village? Or is it at the Báktehárji sports hall? Or is it by the primary school? Or maybe our home is our centre of the village?

Our great Sámi artist, Nils-Aslak Valkeapää, once wrote: “Mu ruoktu lea mu váimmus” (My home is in my heart).

Maybe we should rephrase this to say it this way: “Dat mii geasuha mu lea munnje guovddáš” (What attracts me is to me a centre).”

Excerpt from Nils Johan Haetta’s chapter ”Some thoughts about and from Guovdageaidnu”, from the collection of essays ”Voices of Guovdageaidnu”.

Is the centre of guovdageaidnu found in the souls of the inhabitants as much as on a map?

We want to provide guovdageaidnu with two implementations. one we hope can help discover the heart of guovdageaidnu. One we hope can help get to the heart.

Together we hope they can mark a starting point for a conscious and soulful evolution of this special place. Our aim is for guovdageainu, to strengthen and assert itself in two of the areas that already mark the town as unique: nature / natural living and artistry / artistic dwelling.