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Europan 13: Adaptable City 2

Self-organization, Sharing, Process


City: Trondheim
Title: The Beach Road

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Strandveien, the beach road has been exposed to the changes of the 19 century; The railway and the industries have been successively settled on an artificial land. Then during the WWII, Germans built bunkers and other war facilities. In consequence the Fjord has been pushed away from its road.
The challenge of the beach Road project is to bring together heritage and new needs: harmonize and allow diversity for a community.

In first place the current uses will be preserved. They will be extended depends of their needs.
The cabins are a group of square units organised in an orthogonal grid. It gives a strict punctuation of the site and goes all around the buildings.
WWII heritage will be transformed and confronted to this series of cabins. Existing elements will infect, merge the cabins and allow them to be developed. The project uses the resilience potential of the site.

In a second time new activities will come. The Nyhavna inhabitants will increase the needs of activities around their homes.
The artificial land begins its transformation. Bringing a new soil and creating a landscape open to all will reconnect the fjord.

All along the evolution of Nyhavna, there will be a possibility to extend the system of cabins along the lost embankment.
The Rail, the WWII Heritage, the fjord and now the new housing district, all the historic dates of Strandveien are standing up together in The Beach Road looking to the future.