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Europan 14: Productive Cities


City: Lillestrøm
Title: Make Cities Great Again

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The idea of a mixed-city is not an innovative concept, productive cities already exist. But most of today’s new urban developments, especially in industrial areas, mostly focus on housing programs with addition of shops, restaurants and bars to liven up the neighbourhood. Although, is this as productive as we can be?

Our approach proposes a new form of mixed-productive city that promotes a process of locally based strategies applied to a matrix of elements, existing and new, to make Lillestrom great again.

The elements are identified under two categories: the existing and the new and they are processed through a series of strategies that will help improve connections, create multi-use destinations, build local economies, build multifunctional architectures while recycling anywhere possible.

This process of renewal will enhance Lillestrom and its urban fabric, resolving problems in regards to economy, mobility and sociality through a collaborative economy with an interwoven network that connects individuals and comm unities locally and globally.
The new productive in the city will create a new hybrid where living, working and producing are conceptualised in the same environment. The time of commuting is over, a stronger neighbourhood is created.