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Europan 15: Productive Cities 2


City: Rødberg
Title: Magnetfelt

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Rødberg is set to become an exemplary place of distinct character, boasting its unique location, natural resources and forward-thinking culture. With its productive territory and drive for innovative solutions, it emerges as an important destination for sustainable energy harvesting technologies whilst offering, activities of leisure and a lifestyle and that fits into contemporary ideals.

The proposed vision celebrates the qualities of the industrial town and builds on its heritage. It is derived from the power of the existing energy industry in Rødberg, its beautiful natural environment and its people’s ideology and culture. Emphasising the importance of the public realm and social spaces, the new vision creates proximities throughout Rødberg’s territory and reprogrammes its three important zones – The Town Centre, The Community Park and The HydroPower Plant area, the latter being proposed as the new Science Hub. By providing these physical proximities, other connections and relationships within the community, such as local businesses, are envisioned to become stronger.

By creating a new vibrant urban ecosystem that combines sustainable energy sources, varied activities and community spaces within its existing natural beauty, Rødberg is anticipated to become a thriving and active centre of the Nore og Uvdal region all year round. The proposed strategy enhances its existing character and will create a resilient town that offers an even greater regional importance.

The proposal addresses the desire for an active town centre, an organised programme of activities, and an improved transport system at different scales. The proposal aims to create the following:

  1. Economic and social productiveness by addressing its existing agriculture traditions, local businesses and community
  2. Sustainable connections by introducing an innovative transport option such as the autonomous vehicle loop
  3. Resilient landscapes by providing an appealing public realm network and social infrastructure.