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Europan 14: Productive Cities


City: Lillestrøm
Title: Lillefen

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The Lillefen Project uses innovative landscape design to both alleviate issues with flooding and at the same time contribute to fighting climate change. Using a ´Giga map of Lillestrøm, we were able to analyse the landscape and identify connections, relations, and problematic areas. These problematic areas include flooding which has been an important subject in Lillestrøm for many years. By transforming the landscape using a peat bog we are able to protect Lillestrøm against flooding while creating a productive landscape.

Phase 1
Peat bog (fen) is a natural flood protection and a natural carbon sink. Fen produces peat and increases the land level naturally. From the productiveviewpoint, it provides opportunities to different industries like cosmetic, clothing, and food by utilizing its different plants (Phase two can host these industries later on in the process).
In this phase an educational promenade along the peat land connects different activities such as a food court, an outdoor exhibition (connected to Varmemesse), an art centre, a fen research centre and a fishing and kayaking centre. These activities are placed in existing buildings which can be modified to the peat land by raising the ground floor 1 meter.

Phase 2
The structure and form of this phase is based on the green-wet belt of phase 1 and utilizing most of the existing buildings and infrastructures.

Water: The main idea is to clean and lead the surface runoff from phase 2 to phase 1 by blue-green veins.
Roads: Improve some of the existing infrastructure. New roads continue towards the Fen along the blue-green veins.These roads comprise of car lanes, pedestrian paths and bike paths.
Buildings: Renovate some of the existing buildings for new industries and medium scale businesses in the north including biochar and biogas. This area will stretch out to the south through a productive street including medium and small-scale businesses and offices. The main idea is based on forming mixed-use urban communities. Lillefen project has four urban communities including student housing, elderly houses, row- houses and villas that are gathered around a common open space. The common space is also connected to the blue- green structure and works as retention basin.

The public square in the middle of the site is an area called ´kjøkken´ today. The existing pipes are being preserved and existing silos are being renovated and reused. The square hosts yearly music festival in Lillestrøm.