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Europan 14: Productive Cities


City: Lillestrøm
Title: Life at Nesa

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Our vision is for Nesa to develop into a sprawling district of Lillestrøm that focuses on productivity, sustainability and learning. A place where people can live, work, shop, play, learn, socialize and contribute. Merging parts of the existing industrial buildings with new sustainable architecture will, together with the natural beauty of the surrounding nature reserve, create a place with a strong sense of identity.

The development will take place in two phases. Phase 1 builds largely on the existing walking path that winds its way through Nesas beautiful riverside promenade. A new boardwalk close to the existing boat dock will not only make the area an appealing place for a stroll but also an inviting place to stop. Central is the development of a local food court, eateries and an entrepreneurial hub, all in renovated existing structures. The entrepreneurial hub is an investment in a productive future of new ideas and businesses. Built in stairs over the flood embankments will connect the existing river path to the areas within. Connected to these there will be possibilities to grow both decorative flowers and edible plants in terraces on both sides of the flood embankments. The building of a new and partially elevated bike path that runs from Nesa all the way to Lillestrøm will help connect Nesa to the central area of Lillestrøm and eliminate some of the perception of the road system as a barrier between the two areas.

Phase 1 will establish the area as a new and emerging part of Lillestrøm where fun and exciting things are starting to happen. Phase 2 will focus largely on building new mixed-use structures that will contain a selection of different apartment sizes, student housing facilities, office spaces, shops, workshops and public functions. The implementation of a mixed-use philosophy to Nesa will help the area become a sprawling and social place with public urban spaces that encourages social interaction. The short distances will encourage walkability and bring productivity back into the city by offering the residents the possibility to both work and engage in recreational activities as an integral part of their daily life. Large windows on the ground floors will give people the possibility to observe and interact with local workers such as bakers, shop owners, hairdressers, carpenters and other artisans. Growing edible plants like berries, fruit and vegetables in public areas encourages productivity and creates engagement within the community.