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Europan 14: Productive Cities


City: Alta
Title: Learn From the Past build for the Future

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Urban transformation proposal of the coastal margin of the municipality of Aalta, Norway. The objective of the project is to convert the assigned area into a productive center and connect it to the actual city center. The purpose is to urbanize the smallholdings of old factories and redefine the sea front. As well, it is a priority to give cohesion to a very scattered urban network through a clear axis of extension towards the coast. The will to obtain lively ground floors will be obtained with a compact urban network.

One of the premises is to merge with the abrupt topography and try to get a plastic image of the town that will be the new facade from a sea point of view. Saving the slope of land through the architecture offers some kind of natural transition. The design from the city starts from the void, i.e, from the facilities and open spaces. The intervention focuses on deciding which industrial unit should be and once that is established the open space would be defined. Marking out the area of public space, urbanizing the square and then the adjacent streets to end up creating a connection between squares.