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Europan 15: Productive Cities 2


City: Rødberg
Title: Lanterner

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Productivity in Rødberg is almost a paradox, considering that the municipality has been chosen by basically 5% of all Norwegians as a place for free time. A place worth building a second home, to go on vacation, rest, escape from work and productivity itself.

Thus, this is a chance to overcome assumptions and instead to craft a new concept of productivity, tuned to today’s needs and more liquid lifestyles. This new concept expands the domain of work and completely incorporates the dimension of free-time. It’s a complete merge, with very little exception.

For this new kind of productivity, material substance, immaterial desires and ambitions are also merged and interchangable, old oppositions are totally overcome. Fun, knowledge, nature, sport, leisure are as important as traditional work, and are actually source and matter of today’s work, as well as important ingredients in achieving a balanced environment.

The byproduct that we expect from this new productive city is the involvement of many new actors, beyond the traditional and dialectical scheme of investors and inhabitants. Tourist and researchers may play an active role in rethinking productivity in contemporary terms.

With a new system of production, that fully embodies this plurality of domanis, we expect that the production will thrive and multiply in a plurality of ways. We also expect that many of these new ways, still to be forged, will unexpectedly sprout.

Production could be the excuse to build up an archive or a monitoring system. Production could be an occasion to set up an exhibition or a temporary event. Production is the perfect excuse to move from a place to another and to meet people that share the same interests, skills or even roots. Production is the perfect excuse to build a city