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Europan 14: Productive Cities


City: Narvik
Title: Kaleidoscope

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The city is in a state of flux. In the sharing-economy system the sense of “privacy” is slowly losing his meaning. Platforms like Car2Go and Uber redefine the idea of mobility; the car is becoming a device to share instead of a private object to be jealously guarded.

The same happens with spaces; Airbnb transforms “home” in a economic product and, as for mobility, what was considered “hardware” – an object with a specific and univocal use related to his owner – is becoming “software”, a platform open to sharing and collaboration.

Kaleidoscope embodies the dualism between hardware and software. On one side the existing buildings and the new teknorama have specific functions such as offices, workshops and residential. The approach to the existing structures is different building by building and generates a “library” of various interactions between new and old.

On the other side the Circle-shaped building is the software; a big platform that connects horizontally the other elements. As a Kaleidoscope that constantly generates different images and creates new combinations of colors, the building collects an ensemble of fragments and flows that shapes a dynamic and flexible space able to accomodate unexpected uses and to allow infinite diversities.
The project aims to become a new multifunctional public space: an urban arena for live, socialize, produce.

Narvik is a city strongly characterized by the infrastructure system; the linearity of the harbor, the old airport and the transport routes identifies a recurring morphology on a territorial scale.
As the Kaleidoscope is an horizontal element that relates the level of Kongensgate to the roof of the workshops building, the Kaleidoscope allows the permeability of the ground floor in order to create a continuous and unitary green strip. The project defines a new park with public spaces that, thanks to the transformation of Kongensgate, will contribute to generate a linear “green infrastructure” in the center of Narvik.