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Europan 13: Adaptable City 2

Self-organization, Sharing, Process


City: Bergen
Title: Once Upon A Platform

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The building can be understood as the addition of different levels or layers; This strategy responds to the site’s features:

A contaminated soil that should remain untouched for safety environmental reasons and a risk of flooding. These factors entail the location of all residential uses above the current ground level. As a result, the proposal consists of a platform that separates from the ground and creates two different parts:

On the one hand, there are all the uses located underneath it, the commercial areas, the new urban connections at the street level, storage rooms and facilities.

On the other hand, over this level of 4,5 meters, the bulk of the programatic needs rest on this podium in seven communes, whose dimensions and position responds to pedestrian connections and views.

The idea of sharing not only public but also private spaces is behind the organization of this buildings. The housing modules are minimum cells that hold the basic needs and can be organized in four basic typologies and distribute the space in different ways. The rest of the everyday needs are shared by all the neighbors. Thus, the limits of one’s home do not match with the physical limits of your private space, but can shift to meet the requirements. In this way, common spaces such as kitchens, laundry, living rooms, guest rooms, study rooms, sauna, storage rooms… are located outside these minimum cells so that they are used and shared by all neighbors