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Europan 15: Productive Cities 2


City: Guovdageaidnu
Title: Jođi lea buret go oru

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Sami Culture is closely connected to the nomadic way of life. Of course Sámi people from Guovdageaidnu don’t live in a tent anymore but still many people follow the reindeer migration to the coast in spring. Guovdageaidnu brings a lot of cultural and natural potential, but regarding mobility, resources, equity and social terms there is a big potential for development and improvement. We want to use the cultural (Sámi language, nomadic lifestyle, tent, reindeers) and natural (the river!) potetial and focus on an improvement for local people, that are known for their pride of Sámi spirit.


One major problem of the city is urban sprawl and an unattractive infrastructure with a lack of city centre. Speaking to people we heard the wish for a cultural village center where you can meet people. So our main idea is to activate the town centre. Since Guovdageaidnu has no real centre we propose the river to become the new centre. By creating attractive programs and activities along the river it will be enhanced.


Our proposal includes different scales:

1. XS – verddevuohta: A low-budget project which creates a mobile (nomadic) centre for the citizens. Te design was inspired by the historical construction of Sami tents and brings the philosophy of verddebuohta (a friend who helps you) into present. Te mobile marketplace is created with a simple wood construction. In the summer, the marketplace foats on the river. In the winter it is on skids, being pulled by reindeer. It serves as meeting point and marketplace. It has a 24h self-service kiosk and a café. Te idea is to create a local sharing platform where you exchange goods.

3. L – new nomadic centre: Boat-stations (in summer) and electric scooters (in winter) are constructed along the river. Te river becomes the heart and infrastructure of Guovdageaidnu.

2. XL – the people of the eight seasons: Te meeting point verddebuohta attracts more people and small huts are constructed along the river. Te multifunctional huts are suitable for all kind of uses. In the summer you can open the walls to create an open space, in the winter they are heated by the big stove in the centre.

The river

The river is the new centre of social life. It changes through the seasons. In the winter the huts are used as sauna, for ice fshing or as warming huts. In Easter the huts are used for the Easter festival. People can buy hot drinks there

Sámi culture

The new nomadic infrastructure at the river strengthens Sámi culture. All Sami institutes are connected to the river. The river huts host Sámi events such as Sámi Easter Festival, Sámi weddings, Yoik concerts, Sami theater shows, reindeer races, ice fshing competitions, Sámi Melody Grand Prix, Sami Film Festival, Outdoor Cinema, White Fish festival, Autumn OV890 Festival and many other international ingenious festivals. So the multifunctional huts are used throughout the year without expensive costs in production and maintenance.


To strengthen the village community, the huts are simply constructed, so that they can be built ecologically sustainably and cost-effectively in self-construction. Tis is fun!


The huts along the river have beautiful views and attract visitors. In the summer tourist can enjoy midnight sun while lying on the roof terrace of the hut, in the winter you can enjoy northern lights and warm yourself at the cosy wood stove.


In times of climate change, Guovdageaidnu is turned into a carbon neutral city. Car traffic is disestablished. Inner City traffic is transferred to the river. Canoes, electric boats, electric snow scooters and skis can be rented at public stations. Natural resources are used. Te timber construction of the huts itself is ecologically sustainable and binds CO2. Te new form of traffic is also healthy for the residents!