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Europan 15: Productive Cities 2


City: Rødberg
Title: Innmark

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Rødberg are a split settlement which is mainly based around an active main road through the village center (FV40) which a substantial number of cars use as it is one of the main roads from Oslo to Geilo and further to Bergen amongst others.

The center is colored by car-use and car-focus in general and in that sense is not too inviting when it comes to human activity. You park your car outside the shop or establishment you intend to go, do what you need to do and back on the road.

Nore og Uvdal has become a popular as a second home location and the second home owners usually stop by Rødberg to shop on the way to their respective destinations, which in reality should be considered a house with all the facilities normally to be found in a typical Norwegian home. If we consider what the average home owner needs in terms of goods and services it is usually groceries. In the last years the supermarket Kiwi has had the opportunity to establish itself on the southside of the river Uvdalsåe. We can see that this leads to a more split town center when the supermarket becomes a main stop for many of the second home owners and the locals in the area. They usually get what they need from this one place and consider stopping in Rødberg usually if there is an occasion or need to do so. Some locals seem to walk, at least in the summertime and walk over the bridge from the opposite side the supermarket, but it seems to be mostly children and youths. There is in addition a electric car charging station located here, which corresponds with the promotion of the “green corridor” through the municipality, not necessarily to show Rødberg as a technological and sustainable society, but rather promotes a chain store as future minded. The placement of the charging station is on the backside of the store parking space, but we think this space should be considered the frontside as it is a very nice view and a potential towards the river that is poorly utilized.