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Europan 14: Productive Cities


City: Alta
Title: Hydro Therapy

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Waterscape: With its subartic climate and seaside position on the fjord, Alta may become an exotic and attractive city if it develops facilities to welcome winter activities and find new local ressources. It’s time to focus back on the sea and find a symbiotic relationship between tourism and maritime productivity at the same time.

Algaculture: The first phase of the project couples an seaweed farm and algae research center with a seaside thalassotherapy. These activites revitalize the existing warehouses (Strandveien). The seaweed culture in the Alta fjord creates a new local maritime economy based on therapy, cosmetic (micoalgae) and alimentation (seaweed) for the whole region and its inhabitants.

Production vs tourism: The second phase plans to build new building facilities: a large maritime shipping terminal, close to the production area, east of Skiferkaia, and an hotel with tourist facilities and a coastal path on the west side. Housings for researchers take place on the hill and connect the new logistic lower city with the existing upper town.

A continuous public space: The third step of the project consist to design a mega-floor at 5 meters high above the existing quay.
It allows to prevent the harsh winter climate, and illuminate below the new covered public space generated. All programs are distributed by this new urban platform that links the upper city and the quay with elevators, stairs, and new footbridges.

Fluid and continuous circulation are established from the new Bossekop metro sation to the seafront of Skiferkaia. The waterfront is now shared between the actors of the maritime development, the tourists who come to enjoy the thalassotherapy and the inhabitants of Alta.