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Europan 15: Productive Cities 2


City: Guovdageaidnu
Title: Nomadic Economies

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A new architectural vocabulary for a circular, seasonal and nomadic. Our proposal sets forth a number of linked strategies that seek to establish new conditions under which Guovdageaidnu can flourish, both by adding new amenities for local residents while cultivating it’s appeal as a destination for international tourism. While considerate of the wider plans for Guovdageaidnu’s future our proposal specifically focuses on developing a new set of architectural scale interventions with a consistent language, aimed at generating a new urban identity, growing a circular, local economy producing new forms of local employment and social space.

Pursuing international tourism is a key aspect of our proposal, aiming to celebrate the richest aspects of Sami life as a living, active culture without resorting to caricatures or stereotypes, developing a contemporary relationship to tourism as an economic generator as part of a modern civic life that benefits all. In doing so we aim to generate an experience that draws visitors into the unique landscape, calendar and nomadic cultural conditions while providing a innovativer and contemporary model with global reach. To do so our proposal considers the future of Guovdageaidnu and the surrounding landscape as the interplay of two layers: the permanent and the mobile.

These two intertwining approaches work across a range of scales, from the proposal of new small and medium sized buildings to a reconsideration of the landscape as a whole. Our proposal prioritises developing a new architectural identity alongside an innovative approach to experiential tourism by making use of reconfigurable and easily transportable units forming a ‘distributed hotel’.