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Europan 15: Productive Cities 2


City: Guovdageaidnu
Title: Guovdageaidnu 35

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The proposal is a strategic development plan for Guovdageaidnu, where it is envisioned as a modern, productive, and sustainable place. The vision is a storyboard drafting a 15-year plan for the Brim, the Bowl, the River, and the relationship between them. The proposal looked deeper in developing business opportunities in Guovdageaidnu, and restructuring without densifying the town’s centre, inspired by the existing rural fabric.

In the era of information technology, digital fabrication, automated manufacturing, climate change, and shrinking communities, the concept capitalizes on the benefits of coexistence, proximity and synergy between social, educational, and productive spaces in the Nordic context. Looking into the possibilities of counteracting the agglomeration behavior and the concentration of population in major cities.

By relying on the unique Sámi culture, the rich landscape, and the latest technologies in additive manufacturing and vertical farming, Guovdageaidnu has the potential of becoming a centre for entrepreneurial tourism and smart production, thereby attracting not only tourists, but the highly educated and the creative sectors as well. Becoming a place to live, not only a destination to visit.