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Europan 15: Productive Cities 2


City: Rødberg
Title: Guld Vei

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Rodberg has an exceptional future. Numedal has a strong reputation as a prime destination for natureseekers, drawing thousands of families who want spend here all their free time escaping the crowds of the cities.

As city life becomes increasingly removed from the natural elements and as new, flexible ways of working like location independent or home working take off, demographipcs are sure to change.

Places like Rodberg will benefit from these changes, and it must be prepared to: Entice the people the residents of Rodberg; Convince the second home dwellers to stay longer; and attract tourism.

The project involves three main strategies to attract these target groups:

— A new co-working centre – an idyllic office in the lake encompassed by lush forest – that will give families an opportunity to complement or substitute the routine of working in the city. This building reflects the traditional architecture of Rodberg and gives a new face to the entrance of the village, underlining the old train station.

— A Golden path that will completely transform the main street of Rodberg into a more pleasant and safer public space. This path will connect a chain of facilities and small interventions that will reinforce the healthy and tranquil style of life for which Rodberg is known. This will include a science centre (attached to the co-working building), a food processing plant, a path around the lake, viewing areas and a refurbishment of several buildings.

— A different way of living in the woods with the new cabins that are integrated with the trees and respect the forest.