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Europan 15: Productive Cities 2


City: Guovdageaidnu
Title: Ground in translation

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Don’t spill the bowl!

This scenario proposes a short term densification that would respond to the immediate needs and will sustain an economic blooming, if it is well curated. Learning from Sami’s traditional “áiti “, the proposal will employ a series of prefabricated modules that can be built fast and offer the minimum confort, and it will address newcomers, start-ups, visitors who need a few weeks or months of accomodation, artists in residence or workers who come to build the airport. This short term density will be a temporary gate to the city.

Then, as the businesses develop in KBA1 and the conditions improve in Markan, the people in KBA1 will be offered new places in the center. The bowl will gradually densify and KBA1 will be eventually dismantled, with the exception of a few elements.*

With a careful consideration for the future of the plateau and the traditional Sami practices that take place there, the scenario foresees a loose and organic development strategy on the plateau, guided by two criteria: the purpose of the buildings – that should be reindeer herding oriented or farms – and a minimum distance between neighbours, to avoid an excessive land occupation.