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Europan 13: Adaptable City 2

Self-organization, Sharing, Process


City: Stavanger
Title: Forus labing

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We understand that economic innovation can not be an end in itself but a means to the urban and social innovation. Our goal, therefore is to propose a new model of society linked to a new urban model and promoted by a new economic model. This ideology will structure the project.

Therefore, as F. Ascher raises in his Les nouveaux principes de l’urbanisme (2004) we do not propose the construction of a result but a kind of «middle-out» experimental process, which we call FORUS LAB, where Top-Down and Bottom-Up strategies intermingle. This suggests a horizontal approach, by means of networks, with a wide range of actors-mediators where processes are constantly renegotiated in an exercise that can be more inclusive and diverse in order to make conflicts visible. It is conceived as a comprehensive urban strategy -social, cultural, economic, and environmental- that will run in parallel to the process of change of the economic model in the region (20-30 years). It is structured into 3 groups of operations linked to 3 phases in time:

Phase 1 / Project site / Forus Hub
Phase 2 / Strategic site / Cluster_0
Phase 3 / Conurbation / Innovation Axis

The production model chosen to encourage innovation is the laboratory, since it allows the intersection between public participation and executive decision.