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Europan 14: Productive Cities


City: Lillestrøm
Title: Elvebyen

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A new underground metro station situated at the center between NESA North and South, Lillestrøm´s two biggest urban development areas, will provide services to both Lillestrøm. Train Station as well as connect to the existing Metro line T-2 at Ellingdarusen.

At Lillestrøm Stasjon, which will be reached aboveground, it will facilitate multimodal transfer options to Oslo Airport, Express trains to Oslo City Center, as well as to Lillestrøm´s regional bus services.

The borough enjoys a uniform layout of wide pedestrian- and bikepaths, which also make use of a footbridge, connecting to areas beyond the river, opening up the use of NESA metro station for residents living beyond the river. An extensive promenade allows for a virtually uninterupted green connection to both Lillestrøm Stasjon and City Center.

A sequence of short walkways facilitates interconnectivity between the littoral zone and the different open spaces within the project area.
The necessary flood prevention measures will be productively re-imagined to provide a classical waterfront as well as lush and extensive promenades. Public spaces are organized as either natural watershores or urban promenades.

The watershore provides potential extension areas for the river, even allowing nesting places for animals and birds. The walkways are unpaved, with plants and trees likewise strengthening the natural context.
The promenades feature paved and designed pathways, fountains and water gardens, sitting and play areas for both children and adults, as well as skateboarding and sports areas.

The area dividing NESA into North and South developments will see the currently elevated highway Rv159 resituated below-ground (but above the metro station). In turn, this will provide a central green area for NESA, strengthening interconnectivity not only between both development areas, but also between litoral and North-Eastern Lillestrøm. This allows for a network of public spaces between river and town.

The main intention is to create a mixed-use urban development, that grants the necessary spaces for living, working, learning and recreation. Even the growing of fruits and vegetables as well as keeping small barnyard animals should be made possible.
Most buildings feature either five or six storeys. At the North-Western corner, a skyscraper with twelve stories accentuates the prominent position at the crossroads between NESA and town and also serves orientation purposes.