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Europan 15: Productive Cities 2


City: Rødberg
Title: Dugnad

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In the search for a transition to a productive and attractive place that becomes a reference node in the territory, the privileged environment in which Rødberg is located and the available resources on it, allow us to work with the existing without breaking into operations outside its cultural and territorial identity. This leads us to propose a series of small operations that together act as an organism in constant transformation that returns activity into Rødberg in a sustainable way, always looking outwards, to its relations with Numedal valley and its central position on it, in order to establish a programme that better respond to all its inhabitants. It is precisely in these inhabitants, in their knowledge, tradition and skills where the proposal seeks its success, which is why the word Dugnad is chosen, in reference to the community work of the inhabitants of Rødberg as the only way to achieve our goal.

It is in the valley where our proposal begins, studying local traditions, farming, and the rest of productive and leisure activities to guide the elements that will be placed in Rødberg. Together with this, the aim is to design a project in which science and innovation are prominent, and includes the latest mobility strategies being carried out in the region.

All of this leads us to establish three main strategies that seek to improve Rødberg and its relationship with the productive territory, so that it gradually becomes a meeting point of reference in Numedal valley, maintaining its activity throughout the year intertwining productive and residential uses in harmony with its natural environment and heritage.

The proposal aims to bring back the surrounding nature to the city center and several adjacent streets, recovering green areas that had been occupied by vehicles or buildings in poor state. At the same time, we propose recovering shore side areas to achieve a green route that integrates all the elements of the project.