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Europan 14: Productive Cities


City: Lillestrøm
Title: De Rivo

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Rising sea-levels caused by global warming could lead to a complex future for Lillestrom. The project doesn’t want to fight against it, so it focuses on the relationships between land and water by asking how the city can be developed and implemented in varying at different layers. The topography of the project area no longer opposes the change imposed by water, on the contrary, it adapts to the possible passages drawn by the river.

In the future vision, Nesa is almost completely flooded by water. Lost in this new flooded territory we take as a point of orientation the polar coordinates, as if a nautical chart was, whose subdivision will guide the plot of this new neighborhood.
The drift is the action of letting go of the earth’s inputs, its topography, and the change of geographical layers from which the landscape is composed. The project penetrates in the urban landscape through these layers, respecting and encouraging the natural landscape, having the least impact on the natural environs growing a new image of the city.

This is not a limit for human settlement, rather than an opportunity to build a cluster of substructures, submerged and floating, able to resist and allow life.

The project mixes the ground level at different levels, building and developing the metropolitan life, above the water, in horizontal and vertical planes totally connected. A small living organism, where infrastructure and mobility are included within these processes of mixing between parties. This masterplan rejects the unique function and is the basis of the multifunctional sets with integrated flows, representing «the true complexity of human associations», formulating the principles of an eminently dynamic urbanism as society is.

With the change of production systems and the progress of automation, working time was reduced in favor of leisure. The functions come to enrich the fabric, and the individual gains new freedoms of action through a new and shuffled-order, based on interconnection, close-knit patterns association, and possibilities for growth and change.

The project finds in the drift the means with which to lay bare the city but also with which to build a playful means of reappropriation of the territory: city is a game to use at will, a space to live collectively and where to experience alternative behaviors , where to lose the useful time to turn it into constructive play time, the place to experience the city as a ludic territory.