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Europan 15: Productive Cities 2


City: Rødberg
Title: Come by the Hills

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«Come by the hills» is an urban intervention in Rødberg that aims to transform it into a node in a productive territory. «Come by the hills» proposes a new integral urbban development and allows to reinforce the existing productivity patterns meanwhile the new physical space for sustainable social and economic development is generated within the existing structures. The proposal is aiming to reconnect and to have an effect on the territorial scale, interacting with the rest of the Nore og Uvdal community. This could lead to a strengthening of the active role of Rødberg as a partner for productive and technological development with the Numedal Valley.

The urban change of Rødberg will serve also as a solution for the actual physical configuration. The existing town centre is now very vaguely shaped with a very unclear limits and definition. The main street, which is a part of the national road system, is now a hazardous area that aggravates the urban disconnection. The domination of industrial sites has led to the dissolved and imprecise definition of the centre with an absolute lack of gathering places for inhabitants. By re-arranging and re-structuring the primary industries within the town centre, new places will be available for a new more active urban development where commercial and administrative actors will play a leading role for the ruban life within the framework characterized by excellent natural qualities.