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Europan 15: Productive Cities 2


City: Raufoss
Title: Centre de la Ville

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It is not often these days we can claim the new city is born. Raufoss, until now a village, a rural industrial settlement, a satellite of a larger town, has just become a city in its own right. But where do you go from here? How do you citify? How do you produce this elusive sense of urban?

Historical towns have it easier. They have old towns, foundation myths, layers of history that formed their structure. No matter if they grew big or stagnated around a market square and a few streets, they have that something that makes them feel like a city. Centre de la Ville, Centro città, Centro de la Ciudad, a city center -however they name it, this is where you head when you visit, this is where you take your guests when they visit, this is where you go for human interaction and also…this is where google places its marker.

There is no recipe for making a good city center from scratch. There are a lot of assumptions one has to make, so the risk of failing is big. Perhaps not overdoing it the key. The project is a comprehensive strategy based on 5 general principles, that are designed to stimulate organic growth and give the city some solid substance. In other words, we skip grand gestures, attractive one-liners or concepts based on isolated problems and propose a process-oriented approach based on common sense and a lot of observations.