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Europan 15: Productive Cities 2


City: Guovdageaidnu
Title: Catalogue of Ideas

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Guovdageaidnu’s urbanity reflects its past and present, it is a hybrid manifestation of ancient nomadism and the introduction of modernity. We trace five strategies from its history to develop its future and to carve out existing qualities. Let us start with a small theoretical excursion.

Smooth Space

„Smooth space“ is the space of the nomad. It is characterized by a form of free flowing occupation. The desert, the steppe or in this case the tundra is free from codifications which determine behavior, functionality, ownership and other political restrictions. Smooth space is without human intervention attempting appropriation. Because they have no borders, smooth spaces sometimes overlap and blend into a smooth experience. The architectural qualities and identities blur. „Smooth space is open-ended, nonlinear, intensive, haptic, nomad space.“ *Gilles Deleuze

Striated Space of Modernity

“The striated is that which intertwines fixed and variable elements, produces an order and succession of distinct forms”. * Gilles Deleuze Striated space is shaped by the forces of institutionalization and political restrictions in a city. It is gridded, linear, metric, state space. Spatial definition results from architectural elements such as walls, curbs, fences or roofs. These articulate and clearly mark off spaces with a certain architectural quality and functional identity. Even though these fundamentally opposing spatial characters exist only in mixture, a delineation of striated from smooth space clearly happened during the development of Guovdageaidnu‘s urbanity. This polarity reflects Guovdageaidnu‘s urban hybridity between the ancient nomadic culture and the introduction of a modern lifestyle.