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Europan 14: Productive Cities


City: Narvik
Title: Carpets of Narvik

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On a patchwork of paved carpets the new technical quarters presents itself to the city. Ten individual buildings share the site, sitting closely together, but leaving gaps and alleys for the people to explore. All are just as characteristically different in their appearance as their carpets they sit on. Some of the characters are familiar to us; like the grey tower – proudly overlooking everybody from the center. Others are vaguely familiar, like the blue house – now wrapped in a fancy glass cover and surrounded by green. Some are just new to us, like the Purple Black Box – that never seems to stop singing!
The buildings are full of life – people are inventing, experimenting and dancing, eating, meeting, and sleeping!

All buildings generously lift their covers, inviting people in and sharing what’s happening on wthe inside for whom ever that happens to pass by. The nearby birch tree park has curiously broken its fences, spreading into the block and further.

Our main method approaching this site has been to take inventory and explore the potential of what’s already there. A method of identifying and reinforcing the strong characters on site, to add new ones redefining the context and letting them all write the new saga of the technical quarters.