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Europan 14: Productive Cities


City: Alta
Title: Busy Bosse!

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The site Bossekop, Alta, represents the current trend of traditional production being relocated from urban, to desolate areas, leaving behind a “clean slate” for transformation. With this relocation, are we in fact, at risk of losing urban qualities, intrinsic to production only; such as social networks, working cultures, or knowledge exchange between professionals?

This entry examines the importance of human interactions and networks that comes with a diverse productive/industrial foundation, from scattered across great geographical distances. Bossekop harbour front is perceived as a converging meeting ground for cross-cultural understanding, between professionals, tourists, and new and native citizens alike. It also intentionally engages in the socio-cultural aspects of the theme, productive cities, and stresses its importance, the question is why?

Cities compete against each other, more now than ever, in terms of attracting/maintaining human capital towards more productive cities. In the pursuit of a more productive/prestigious society, one has to ask; does great empires arise from grand facilities, stellar harbour front developments, elaborate tourism infrastructure, or even the numbers of employment rates on knowledge workers?

We conclude on the same note as renowned scholars on the foremost productive communities, such as Castells, Porter, Florida etc. Yes, all of the aforementioned aspects are important. Yet, it is the fundamental paradigms of human interaction and relations, that binds Alta’s diverse industrial foundation together. Simple things, such as basic knowledge exchange, tolerance, openness in a given area, makes it easier to learn, stay busy and be more productive!