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Europan 14: Productive Cities


City: Alta
Title: Bosseloop

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The water and the land are the two key elements nourishing the town of Alta and the location of Bossekop enables the neighbourhood to become a spatial and ideological link between the two realms of nature, making the process of production visible and integral part of urban fabric.

Project Bosseloop seeks to redevelop industrial waterfront of Bossekop into innovative and vibrant productive hub of local and regional importance by densifying the area, establishing connections between existing facilities and Bossekop centre and inviting local actors to share their knowledge and resources.

The strategy of the project is to retain as many existing buildings and infrastructure as possible, intervening only where new connections and programs are needed. The bridge between upper and lower terraces, inner passageway through existing warehouses and a pier extended into the fjord form a loop along which various production and leisure activities can take place. The program of the loop is reinforced by residential units ensuring the vibrant character of the development.

The project site could be expanded further towards the centre of Bossekop, transforming current dispersed market square into more articulated space where a semi-indoor marketplace could act as a key mediator between the sea, the land and the rest of the town.

The local traditions of coastal Nordic lifestyle and indigenous Sami culture supplemented by innovative technologies and active motivated townsfolk could spark a much needed change in the outdated and blunt monofunctional planning of arctic habitats.