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Europan 14: Productive Cities


City: Alta
Title: Blended Coast

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Blended coast aims to redirect Bossekop look toward the sea, creating a new vibrant civic and productive centre. A porous space where physical connections and a network of new social and economical relationship will liven up the waterfront transforming it in a vivacious urban environment.

The area, now a mono-functional gated shore, will be mutated in a multifaceted town space, open to the people, where the nature will take back the coast and meet a new urban dimension: a place where students living in houses faced to the sea will encounter new economical activities as well as the existing ones, where the Alta culturally mixed, young and entrepreneurial identity can find place.

This porosity of relations will actively colonise the shore transforming the local social and economic life, thanks to proximity and interactions.

A new paths network will link and integrate the transformed shore with Alta and Bossekop. The project conceives the shore as a linear public space, able to connect and make meet people and activities, where leisure, work, culture and housing share the same urban stage. A re-naturalisation process will allow to benefit of nature.

The northern door of the intervention is a cultural-exhibition building integrated in the landscape, where the local traditional knowledge in slate production will meet the innovation of today handcraft.

Therefore, in order to improve the vivacity of the area, the project proposes to relocate the new students home to the shore. The site now occupied is thought as a hinge between the coast and the town centre, where new paths, public facilities and economical activities will link Bossekop with its seafront. There, an hypogean multifunctional building will host spaces for a new dynamic economy, cafeterias, an auditorium. Its flat roof will offer a new square directly facing to the fjord. Innovative greenhouses will allow to test experimental systems of food production.

The transformation of the area has been thought in 3 phases in order to progressively adapt the territory and to progressively root new functions and activities in the urban and social environment.

In the first phase the strip of land along the sea will be transformed, reusing or demolishing the existing buildings, realizing a re-naturalised area.

The second phase will be focused on the relocation of student housing in the coastal area.

Finally the third phase will redevelop the nowadays student housing zone, replaced by a mix-uses complex.