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Europan 14: Productive Cities


City: Lillestrøm
Title: Between grid and nature

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The main goal was to create a site with a clear zoning of uses, integrated into the surrounding nature of Lillestrøm and adapting the existing road and building structures of the city: Between grid and nature.

The nature reserve to the east and the river to the south significantly improve the site. To also bring nature and green spaces into the site, there are public and private green spaces; courtyards, roof terraces and view axes to the surrounding nature improve the residents’ and visitors’ stay, living and working on the site.

The noise created by the main highway surrounding Lillestrøm is reduced by creating a green hill, which serves as a noise buffer. Next to the hill is the production area, followed by the central mixed use area. noise and traffic in the area are reduced by creating calmed streets inside the main traffic ring. In order to provide a reference to the residential development of Lillestrøm, the small toan character should extend over the planning area. For this purpose, a base was formed in the mixed use area on which the cube-like structure is «thrown like dice». The mixed use area is home to residential, commercial, gastronomy and office uses. The high points / cubes are separately trained. More spacious apartments, as well as small office units are possible there. The incisions are executed as roof terraces and are reminiscent of the gardens of the development Lillestrøm.