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Europan 14: Productive Cities


City: Alta
Title: Band

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The characteristics of the site that we want to enhance are the following:
– Direct contact with water: Water sports, aquaculture, energy generation, leisure activities.
– Views: Generate an appealing area that will attract tourism
– Historic heritage: It will be enhanced and transformed to take part in the change of use of the site.

The aim of the intervention is to develop innovative industries that will generate new forms of locally based production interconnected to town life.
The articulation of production, activities and town life into one functional whole will change Skiferkaia into a new attractive urban area.

The intervention on the site will turn Skiferkaia into a productive area, giving it a second life but keeping it’s historic heritage.
We have created a path that along with the buildings generates the different areas of the project. The stripe also links and generates connections with the sea, Bossekop and the rest of Alta.

Skiferkaia’s south boundary is a road, which creates a barrier between the study area and the rest of Bossekop. We have therefore considered it very important to eliminate this barrier creating connexions that will invite visitors to access the site.
This urban strategy allows a transformation of Skiferkaia throughout time. All the different areas can work independently while the transformation of the site is in progress, and once it is accomplished.

We have chosen to keep the main buildings on the site, refurbishing them and transforming their function. This highlights the historic heritage of the site, links past, present and future and makes the buildings evolve to meet future needs while keeping their essence.

The building is conceived as a landmark that guides the visitors to the area. The floors descend in cascade to permit a view from the city towards the sea and to adapt to a more human scale. The terraces offer interesting new urban spaces and invite visitors to discover Bossekop.

Skiferkaia will become a productive area with energy generation (wind and water), greenhouses and alternative food production, aquaculture, coexistence of housing, production and activities, workshop, startups, coworking spaces, business incubators, leisure activities that attract an heterogeneous public, shops, market and a slate industry and painting remembrance area.