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Europan 15: Productive Cities 2


City: Guovdageaidnu
Title: Assemble Guovdageaidnu

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Guovdageaidnu has a unique position as a stronghold of Sami culture. It is a historic and natural center, yet Guovdageaidnu is at a turning point. How will the Sami culture and tradition enter the future and respond to large societal changes?

It is with great respect that we enter our proposal for a new storyboard for Guovdageaidnu. We have created a proposal for Guovdageaidnu’s future physical plan. The plan is meant to act as a framework for the future restructuring of Guovdageaidnu. Important transformations are happening in both the near and long term future. Among many initiatives there are proposed plans to establish a new school, theatre, kindergarten, a reindeer husbandry school and attractive plots for businesses. These changes have great potential to revitalize the town if they are coordinated through strategic long term planning. They have potential to create a thriving Sami town that maintains and strengthens its unique identity and tradition.

“’A great City.’ Is a city where the public space is inviting too all of the inhabitants.” -Happy City The river and the church are the birth of the town. Guovdageaidnu means midway, it is a midway between routes but also a midway to understand the livelihood of Sami tradition. After WWII, the village was destroyed and with no overall plan, Guovdageaidnu has been rebuilt as a collection of separate projects. Planning of the 1970s “Norwegian”/Isonomic development has blurred the historic Sami village even further.

Guovdageaidnu’s two major elements, the river and the road, represent the past and the present. The river is the town’s origin and former backbone, but today it has been overtaken by the E45 in the town hierarchy. The town has lost its primary orientation towards the river.

From its natural center in the bowl, Guovdageaidnu has sprawled out past the Brim and into the tundra. This has resulted in a lack of connectivity and meeting points in the resident’s everyday life. There is no single town center but smaller meeting spaces scattered throughout the town. The planned KBA1 and relocation of the high school and reindeer husbandry school will expand the urban sprawl even further. We believe it is important to work from the center and out. A strong town structure in the Bowl has to be the foundation for an expansion past the Brim.