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Europan 14: Productive Cities


City: Alta
Title: Anton i Fjæra

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Alta doesn`t consist of many historical buildings due to heavy destructions during the 2nd world war. Buildings contribute a big part to the history and character of places. Sadly even today a lot of older buildings are demolished in Alta in order to build new. The slate industry has been a very important for Alta since the beginning of the 20th century. Reminding slate production in Bossekop the main hall (Strandveien 48) shall be kept and transformed to a cultural hall. A fresh food market is established in Strandveien 40 and Felleskjøpet is upgraded with appartements on the roof to challenge the architecture of the building. In order to keep the plot free of traffic and parking cars the existing building Strandveien 60 shall provide a parking house using the existing road for the pier to access.

The cultural hall generates the main meeting point, the heart of the area. The main idea is to keep the hall and adjust the footprint of the building with temporary installations in order to comprehend the needs of the user groups. That can for instance reflect in establishing of ateliers for arts, workshops for handicrafts, rehearsal rooms to practice music or theatre and many more. At the same time provides the cultural hall indoor and outdoor spaces to perform in front of audience. The outdoor performing space connects to a large amfi which is integrated in the promenade binding the new township together.

The shape of the promenade is reflecting the waves of the sea smoothly going up to provide shelter from wind and weather and going down to open up for the view. Higher located promenades are forming roofs for the sauna and kayaking sheds. The idea behind placing higher shapes and vegetation close to the sea is to break the winds and smoothly guiding it over the outdoor areas and buildings to create sheltered spaces inside the plot. Outdoor activities are an important part of life in Norway the year around.

The transformation of the plot will start by building appartements and offices connected to the sea. The 2nd phase implements the aquaponics, the fresh food market and the youth hostel to the area in order to bring money into the township. Finally in the 3rd phase of developing the cultural hall is established creating the main meeting point in Bossekop. Bossekop becomes therefor the centre of culture and science, while Elvebakken contains the main industry of Alta and city centre provides shopping and services with its bars and restaurants.