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Europan 14: Productive Cities


City: Alta
Title: Ancient Futures

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The space is data, the territory a construction. We’re actually as dependent on the natural world as our ancient ancestors were. The arrowhead made of stone it is a symbol for the Alta’s people, it is one of the first tools ever built, but the first tool was the word. The word helped to organize the community, now we aim to create a tool that will help to reorganize the city. If we want to look far ahead into the future we must first look far ago in history, the evolution of the vernacular architecture gave us some clues that point towards design an open system and not merely a building.

Based on the hypothesis that all the cities of the world share a common link they are “a piece of nature modified by the will of man”. Alta is not the exception, is the best example where the will of the first human settlements 10.000 years ago have turn the nature into an artifice. Our ancestors have seen the sea as a liquid territory not as a barrier, but as connection. Through planning history the Alta region has been developing as an addition of parts and not as a whole. The first strategy to approach the territorial scale is based on an old borrowed concept from physiology, the complexion.

The urban and territorial complexion consist in having a better understanding of the three main centers constitution and how to combined their qualities in the construction of the new productive city of Alta.

Alta is heading on becoming a knowledge and new technologies hub it must be the first place where to innovate, test, and share the new knowledge. Hence the transition process of Alta as it is today and as it will be tomorrow must identify the key patterns that will emerge once the platform of time management
Alta’s final goal it is not only the hub, but a city where people will love to live because of the quality of life that they can reach. The hub as a medium not as a goal.

The proposed building will act life a city in the city, because it will offer all kind of spaces and activities independly of the weather. There are three types of modular units that can be rapidly reorganize for another use. The slate industry won’t need to be totally dismantled because the old and new buildings will act as the perfect showroom to design and redesign them over and over again hacking the concept of a finish building. All the facades will serve as an open air warehouse for the slate waiting to be packed or cutted, so each façade will have an ever changing look.