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Europan 14: Productive Cities


City: Alta

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Looking at Alta‘s current state, we divided the space into three different areas of acting. The first one is Bossekop Center, which seems very problematic due to a huge lack of well formed public space, an abundance of aboveground parking and up to 95% sealed ground. The second is the connection zone between Bossekop Center and Skiferkaia, at the moment still blocked by student housing.

The third one is the coastal line with a lot of undefined space and big scale industrial structures. Starting in the center, we developped a strategy to redefine and form a clear hierarchy of pulic space, that connects these different areas to set a working base for future city expansions. In the first step, structures, that in our opinion do not fit into an urban city center were removed. In the case of Bossekop Center the big scale structures like the car workshop and the supermarket were marked as problematic. New building plots were formed and connected by a sequence of squares and boulevards: one internal square, as market or area of cultural use, adjacent to the Sisa Cultural Center, one boulevard-like area, reaching from Bossekop Center to the redesigned connection part towards Skiferkaia.

Underground parking under the newly formed spaces can provide as many pitches as there are at the moment.

The abandoned slate area has a lot of unused space, which can host a great variety of productive, cultural and leisure activities.

For us the only way to make these work with the city center is to firstly solve the problems in parking and public space and then to tackle the infrastructure of Skiferkaia. After these steps were made, there is a third concept of extending structures along the coastal line.