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Europan 14: Productive Cities


City: Alta
Title: Altarnative Innovation Park

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Skiferkaia is an active industrial site. Bossekop can use Skiferkaia harbour facilities to create a new relation to the Norwegian Sea and add value and diversity to the city of Alta. The project aims for a better interaction between the industrial buildings and the city centre by creating new common spaces for inhabitants. The proposal suggests renovating the facilities to host innovation and transforms Skiferkaia into a contemplative landscape and becomes a productive neighbourhood. The disconnected state of the area and the fact that the site is on the way to the sea from the city motivates the project to develop a comprehensive urban and landscape revitalisation keeping some historical and natural aspects. The urban intervention differentiates from the existing configuration by proposing new infrastructures, public spaces and green connections. This creates a link between the city and the new waterfront.

In contrast to the current condition, the proposal envisions a masterplan that mix the park and the city. It is an alternative configuration that will contribute to the revitalization of the whole Bossekop area. The main objective of the project is the creation of an open, accessible Skiferkaia site, a contemporary urban park with ecological character, with special emphasis on the social dimension, innovation and the site’s memory. New activities are brought to the site highlighting the existing core. The inhabitants will be part of Skiferkaia’s growth. It is a proposal that through landscape and urban design attempts to reconquer a monofuntional space and transform it to a vivid contemporary and innovative industrial park.

The innovation axis is a predominant new feature of the site that creates 600 meters long suspended promenade. It ends above the subarctic shoreline and provide a new view overlooking Altafjorden. The buildings’ footprints are kept as a memory reference and constitute the main connecting point to the elevated pathway. The design of the perpendicular green connections provide an active interface between the existing and dynamic urban realm and the rejuvenated water’s edge. New planting zones complement the proposal, creating green breakthroughs. The interstitial spaces are designed to host different activities throughout the year. Achieved through a programme of new platforms, stairs, sea-walls, and piers, the waterfront promenade aims to maximise people’s enjoyment of the 1 km long subarctic coastal edge.