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Europan 14: Productive Cities


City: Alta
Title: Alta Zip

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Alta is a wide municipality which is placed at the north shore of Norway. There are three different nodes Elvebakken, City Center and Bossekop all of them connected through the E6 road. The current project is located nearby the Bossekop node in Skiferkaia at the Slate´s harbour.

The activities of that area related with the slate stone are about to finish, and this is why it has to be redefined. Our proposal is to generate a more compact model of city in order to concentrate all the activities in the same area. For that purpose, the Strandveien road will turn into a totally new street which will become the project axis.

At the north side of that axis (the seaside) we can find several existing buildings that can easily be transformed to inherit new programs.

At the other side of the Strandveien road (south side) there is a huge slope that should be solved in order to connect the Bossekop area with the harbour. This is particularly important as one of the main objectives of the project is to connect the new street with the existing commercial area in Bossekop.

From a road traffic perspective the Strandveien axis will also help to connect with the residential areas nearby. As we consider the Strandveien street a secondary road for the local traffic and at the same time suitable to hold commercial activities, we intend to relocate almost all the traffic to the E6.

To transform the Strandveien road into a commercial street we have tried to imitate some old town schemes which form axis by connecting different squares. That will reinforce the commercial activities and the quality of the public space. The residential buildings proposed will solve the topography and will also provide the Strandveien street with commercial establishments. They have to be properly integrated into the existing ones.

The Strandveien street will become the main axis of the area, all the commercial activities are suposed to take place there. The street will connect with the shore through the different squares and the commercial stablishments and will also link the secondary street with four different stairs and a ramp.

Placed at the shore, the natural pool will host the main part of Alta’s free time activities, together with the large platform aside.