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Europan 14: Productive Cities


City: Alta
Title: All Sewed Up

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Heavily industrialized shores can turn out to be very advantageous frames for development of modern, flexible and diversified spaces. Bossekop can benefit from that neighborhood even more as the only part of Alta conveniently connected to the fjord. The productive area needs therefore to be visible, recognizable and fully accessible as a place various activities and institutions but still remain the heart of Bossekop.

Developing a ‘creative community’ starts with providing sufficient space and bringing people of different backgrounds and professions together in an attractive, productive space. The designed site is managed by the Alta community, entrepreneurs and university researchers, fishermen, Bossekop Market’s tradesman and visitors, artists and teachers, engineers, kayaking lovers, shoreline wanderers, whole families and creative institutions willing to organize any event indoors, by the water.

Intense snow coverage and towns’ linear-like composition resulted in excess usage of cars in everyday transport. To change that, the site needs a carefully designed and regularly preserved web of paths and other cleared of snow connections. It is possible to sew up existing resources and by applying a few more stitches, objects or places, Bossekop can keep the community, whole range of possible interactions and breathtaking landscape closely together throughout the year. The design principle is to avoid building great halls, instead compose a useful, varied environment. By finding local identity of Alta one can cherish the most influential, defining places and symbols for Bossekop and create a coast for guests to marvel at and for locals to be proud of. The key is to develop Alta in such a way, that it gets modern, sustainable, more comfortable and functional but still easily recognizable and ‘ours’.

The picturesque view of most settlements by the fjords can be described as stones loosely arranged in high, fluffy snow. While maintaining the natural composition one can easily sew them up with a thin thred. The most important of many stitches is the one where the fjord and the land meet.