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Europan 14: Productive Cities


City: Lillestrøm
Title: AI Lillestrøm

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Starting from the importance that high-tech innovations and artificial intelligence devices have in our contemporary society, our project imagines Lillestrøm as a future productive city based on technological research and culture. AI Lillestrøm therefore explores the possibility of a future productive city as experimental district for high-tech and AI innovations.

The project consists in three phases of development:
Phase 1 (2017-2027): improvement of infrastructural system and settlement of new companies and workplaces in Nesa.
Phase 2 (2027-2037): Strengthening of the local community towards an inclusive city with schools, facilities, housing and public space.
Phase 3 (2037-2050): Nesa model grows. Lillestrøm becomes a node in Olso metropolitan area, attracting more and more people for living, working and tourism.

Energy, data flow, leisure activities, interaction, social and technological integration, ideas and innovation, work places, food and agriculture, patents and experimental devices will be the goals of AI Lillestrøm, future productive city. The idea is to export this model from Lillestrøm to all the country and Europe.

A Future Productive City Manifesto declines the 9 statements of AI Lillestrøm:
1. Produce energy
2. Produce ideas
3. Produce a strong community
4. Produce and promote a new mobility system
5. Produce work.
6. Produce space for nature
7. Produce education, culture and research
8. Produce free time, leisure activities and public space
9. Produce experimental solutions for co-existence between human and technological devices

Energy has a primary role in the configuration of FPC. Only clean energies from renewable sources, including snow collected during winter, will be used. Excess heat, produced by data centres and computers, will enhance a green cycle of energy management since heat will be collected and distributed in the city along an energy grid.

Another key issue will be the data centre as urban landmark. Each data centre will host different functions, from social areas to co-working, and they will have the role of public space, energy collector, data flow generator and infrastructural connection.

Society and sense of community will be essential for the development of AI Lillestrøm. A dynamic and avant-garde city, where economic, functional and cultural mix will provide a complex but well-integrated social fabric.