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Europan 14: Productive Cities


City: Alta
Title: A Trail of Slate

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The legend tells that the lights, the Guovssahasah, are caused by a fox. Its furry tail sweeps across the snow and sends a trail of sparks up in the sky.

We propose a new waterfront, one that reflects Alta’s modern times of prosperity but also one that does not forget its heritage linked to slate, art and northern lights.

The site will become a place for residents and tourists, somewhere to dwell and to work, to observe the Polar Lights or to do sports, to watch a play or to create your own projects in the FabLAB. A site to study, develop and dream.

In order to achieve all this we propose a new limit, a new waterfront organised to produce energy, food and amusement. The catalyst for all the activities that will take place in the site.

Our strategies begin with the Crystallization of the limit. This way we produce new spaces to host new activities such as algae cultivation, fish farms, natural pools or observation decks. Redensifying is the next step to make the site productive and useful at all times. Just like the midnight sun, a place that never sleeps. Finally, Re-using: taking advantage from all the pre-existing buildings and giving them a new use, new spaces and a new materiality. The slate becomes the new image of the waterfront, as it is used to cover and create the new sites as well as the transformed ones. Slate represents both the new and the old identity of Alta, a link between the ancient Komsa culture and this brave new world.

We believe that mixing and putting together the programmes and the uses will connect and open Alta to the world.

Who will inhabit the site’s new era? Every program is linked to the university and used as a place to try new prototypes from the university to the industry. Something with pulse, that evolves as fast as the industry does. It is home for Alta’s “young knowledge-based expertise inhabitants” and a retreat for tourists.

Therefore, our fox sweeps and crystalises the seafront to build a trail of slate with its fury tail.