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Europan 15: Productive Cities 2


City: Guovdageaidnu
Title: A new and more vibrant center for Guovdageaidnu

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In the program the challenges of each site in Europan 15 Norway are described, and parallels are drawn between them. They all have a strong relation to the landscape that surrounds them in common and the nature is physically close and ever present.

Guovdageaidnu is interesting because the town has had a relatively late development period following the second world war. In a period were urban development in most cases has been based on the car and whatever follows with it, lots of parking, lots of asphalt and big gabs in-between buildings. There is no clear town center in Guovdageaidnu. The town has had an ‘organic’ way of growing as the years have passed, so in some ways the town resembles the magnificent nature that surrounds it. Nature is not based on a plan, but on natural processes.

We believe a new urban plan for Guovdageaidnu is necessary to achieve a more vibrant town center. Guovdageaidnu’s location in this great landscape makes it very imporant to tie together and concentrate the urbanity that the town holds. We believe that the potential is present to increase the quality of the urbanity in this very special town, by densifying the town center.