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Through Europan 13, the municipality of Bergen wanted to explore new ways of urban living with sharing as the governing theme. The region of Bergen is growing fast and densification around existing centres is happening rapidly. The Europan site at Grønneviksøren represents one of the last possibilities for developing publicly owned land this close to the city core.

The two Norwegian offices Lala Tøyen and Kåmmån won the competition on Europan’s most popular site with their collaborative project Our City, Our Collective. The proposal shows a richness in ideas and guidelines for a cooperative housing pilot and works on activating the water promenade and water body of Store Lungegårdsvann as a garden for the city with an importance for Bergen as a whole.

The winning team documenting material details at the site (photo: Lala Tøyen)

The winners met with the municipality for a two-day meeting in Bergen, February 2016, and have later worked with developing the winning project, exploring possibilities for temporary use of the site and contributing to a seminar on sharing hosted by the municipality.

“The involved parties in the municipality did quickly agree that we wanted to continue working with Lala and Kåmmån on developing the winning proposal with the aim of selling the land. Now, the municipality is working on clarifications and terms of a sales agreement that ensures that the buyer realizes the project in accordance with the qualities and intentions embedded in the project.” says Elisabeth Totland, from the office for development agreements in Bergen municipality.

“Winning Europan has been a thrill all the way. We already felt in the discussions with Bergen municipality the day after the price ceremony, that we had to do with a serious and ambitious client that wanted to pursue these high ambitions with our proposal” says the winning team.

“We picked up on the same note when we met again in February, we had a varied specter of interesting discussions on how to develop the project further and the role of Grønneviksøren in a rapidly changing Bergen. However, it was important for us to try to “push” the client to make room for innovation in the project, especially when it comes to what extent sharing should be included. Together we agreed on some key points on bringing the project further. We feel good about having an impact on the development of the area from the very beginning. We are grateful to both Bergen Municipality and Europan for this opportunity!”

We expect to develop the project further, with a strong focus on the themes we worked on in the winning proposal. We hope we can manage to make a foundation that challenges potential buyers of the land to think in new ways when developing their projects that will pave way for a diverse group of dwellers and users when the projects starts to pop up. We hope this calls for a continued close dialogue and exciting cooperation with the municipality!”

The first phase is scheduled to finish in October 2016. However, the municipality states that it might be possible to commission the winning team for one or more preliminary projects on the Europan site as part of phase II.

In other words – to be continued…

The winning team and representatives from the municipality of Bergen at the prize ceremony. From the left: Iwan Thompson, Tomas Aasved Hjort, Kari Tønseth, Mette Svanes, Pernille Heilmann Lien and Gyda Strømmen. (Photo: Are Carlsen)

Session: Europan 13

Location: Grønneviksøren, Bergen municipality

Architects:  Pernille Heilmann Lien, Iwan Thompson and Kari Tønseth from Lala Tøyen. Tomas Aasved Hjort from Kåmmån.

Site proposed by: Bergen municipality (in collaboration with Hordaland county)

Owners of the site: The municipality of Bergen and BIR AS

Commission: Develop the winning proposal, explore suggestions for temporary use and contribute to a seminar on sharing.