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Site: Oslo

Winner: Gardens of Grønmo

Jury remarks: This scheme offers a persuasive proposal for ‘doing more with less’. It suggests an appropriate and resource-efficient approach to the contemporary challenges of Grønmo. The proposal is singular and coherent in its introduction of the program of allotment gardens – a program that has the potential to resonate with the local demography and neighbourhood context, and one that is in considerable demand in Oslo.

Allotment gardens, it has been argued are effective sites of integration between majority and minority populations, and between different minority populations, particularly amongst women. The proposal presents a relatively coherent development from concept to program to structure and spatial elements – suggesting a range of gardens, from private, and communal, to public and institutional. Based on a fixed framework supporting flexible infilling, the project has a robustness that allows it to be realized in part or in increments without being compromised by the lack of complete implementation. Additionally, it could potentially be mixed with other programs and still survive as a scheme.

However, the Jury agreed that the scheme was less convincing in its articulation of moments of public intensity – which remain somewhat vague in the presentation. It is also doubtful as to how it relates specifically to the uneven topography of the site. Further jury questions addressed the symbolic challenges associated with the cultivation of produce on a former waste dump area; and the potential ‘privateness’ of gardening if removed from the surrounding urban context – one that could stand as a further example of the tendency toward the neoliberal outsourcing of public space.   Despite these concerns, the majority of the Jury felt that the proposal provides the potential to develop the area into an active leisure space and vibrant meeting point.

Team members:

Silke Volkert (DE)  

Magnus Weightman (GB)

Contact information:

Runner up: In Return

This scheme presents an appropriate and coherent proposal for Grønmo. It expands programmatically upon the flows and loops of material and energy that is inherent in the historical- as well as present- and future-conditions of the site.

Rather than placing the main educational element addressing recycling – the education center – into a closed architectural ‘box’, the scheme deploys a range of ‘recycling’ processes across the entire field of the site through a variety of landscape ‘circuits’ and meeting points ranging from an agro-forestry and plant rotation loop (incorporating yearly Christmas tree cultivation and composting for example) to a bike circuit, water cycle and forest habitat loop.

Team members:

Eli Grønn (NO)

Juan Berasategui (ES)

Contact information:

Honorable mention: Norwegian Rhapsody

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Team member:

Beatriz Ramo (ES)

Contact information:

Honorable mention: Active Edge

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Team members:

Iliari Ariolfo (IT)

Alessandro Bua (IT)

Andrea Alessio (IT)     

Contact information:

Honorable mention: Infrastructural Archaeology

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Team members: 

Andrés Velarde (ES)

María Palencia (ES)

Pablo Sigüenza (ES)

Gonzalo Pardo (ES)

David López (ES)

Jimena Campillo (ES)

Juan Enríquez (ES)

Cristina Magro (ES)

Marta Domènech (ES)

Ramón Álvarez (ES)

Mariana Palumbo (ES)

Antonio Rodriguez (ES)

Carlota Estaún (ES)

Honorable mention: DO IT

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Team members:

Christian Hjelle (NO)

Andrea Spreafico (IT)

Frøydis Linden (NO)

Christoffer Olavsson Evju (NO)

Honorable mention: Tip Top Tip

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Team members:

Virginie Blanchard (FR)

Elvina Piard (FR)

Antoine Derrien (FR)

Oriane Pacalet (FR)

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