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Site: Guovdageaidnu

Winner entries

Catalague of Ideas and Radical Reimagining are the two winning entries of Guovdageaidnu.

Jury remarks: The jury has chosen two winning projects in Guovdageaidnu, which each emphasis important but different landscape ideas and possibilities. Guovdageaidnu has a distinct cultural history deeply connected to the landscape of Finnmarksvidda, and the jury sees equally a strong potential in both projects, which the municipality can use handling present planning issues and in general future development of the place.

Winner: Catalogue of Ideas

Jury remarks: Based on an informed interpretation of Guouvdageaidnu’s development as a hybrid settlement, Catalogue of Ideas presents a very ambitious answer to the challenging call and to the general topic of “The Productive City”. The project interestingly frames the site as having developed or unfolded between the “smooth” space of the tundra and the “striated” space of the modern welfare state. It further elaborates this framing by proposing a set of five strategies for strengthening and articulating
a specific “Sámi urbanism”.

While recognizing the specific historical and geographical circumstances and the pertinent presence of the tundra as much more than a backdrop, the project identifies in a very clear way a number of qualities and challenges: landscape pathways as not only recreational but formative, clustering of services as a means of intensification, and the importance of multifunctional and seasonal usage of common amenities.

A major strength of the project is also the recognition of territorial and proprietary challenges and the suggestion of a Land Trust in order to meet the intensified need to coordinate land use development and management. Rich in thoughts and designs and serious in its approach to the complex sites, Catalogue of Ideas presents a solid and inspiring vision for the further development of Guovdageaidnu as a major Sámi cultural and economic center as well as an important destination for travelers.

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Team members:

Teresa Timm (DE)
Merle Jelitto (DE)
Paul Raphael Schaegner (DE)

Contact information:

Teresa Timm
+49 17693653297

Merle Jelitto
+49 176 20440791

Paul Raphael Schaegner
+49 1799753758

Winner: Radical Reimagining


Jury remarks: Radical Reimagining answers in a very sensitive way to the special challenges of the site as articulated in the call. The proposal emphasizes the need to address the basic historic, territorial and political premises of the site as a main Sámi center grounded in reindeer herding. The proposal presents a solid analysis of the site and the region as dependent on larger fields of relations and patterns of domination and subordination, but also takes into consideration quotidian usages and interactions.

Based on an understanding of the landscape as contested, the proposal acknowledges the limits of conventional planning and architecture. It aims to identify new approaches to knowledge and experience that would enhance existing practices and support the development of new ones. Emphasizing the importance of listening to and linking histories, memories and livelihoods, it gently presents a series of ‘productive’ strategies and places – oral mapping and knowledge sharing, embodied encounters and symbolic ‘wrapping’ – which, rather than providing fixed solutions, offer points of departure for reimagining productivity as well as urbanity.

Radical Reimagining clearly recognizes the complexity of the site and related land use controversies, engagingly addressing the need to establish and maintain the links between nature and culture, the reindeer economy and the welfare institutions, cultural heritage and the challenges of tourism; all of which are conditioning forces of Guovdageaidnu. While the suggested implementations remain understated, they emphasize the need to advance with great sensitivity to the special circumstances of the site and the accumulated experience of its inhabitants, and include ideas on how micro–scale interventions can enhance already existing forms of production and expression, including the already ongoing comprehensive planning practices of Guovdageaidnu.

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Team members:

Ona Flindall (NO)

Marianne Lucie Skuncke (NO)

Contact information:

Ona Flindall
0047 40045979

Marianne Lucie Skuncke
0047 90633781